Spiritual Mentoring

Tailored, one-to-one, spiritual mentoring for individual leaders.

Mentoring is a catalyst and support for individual and organisational transformation.   When it comes to spiritual growth we all need a mentor who can challenge us to reflect on God’s purpose for our life and work.  Tony Horsfall describes mentoring beautifully in his book ‘Mentoring for Spiritual Growth’:  Mentoring is a relationship where the mentor promotes the work of God in the life of another, empowering the person through the sharing of God-given resources. It’s a relational process in which a mentor, who knows or has experienced something, transfers resources of wisdom, information, experience, confidence or insight to a mentoree, thereby facilitating their development. 

Mentoring offers the freedom to recognise that each individual is unique and that their story and journey are unique as well.   It is only through exploring the Being side of leadership – Who you are, that the Doing side of leadership, your work in the world, can become an exciting and fulfilling adventure. 

My approach is to walk with you through an eight session Spirit (L)ed Journey which takes you around the Holistic Development Model inviting you to explore questions about your spiritual life from a range of perspectives.

Click here if you would like to be sent an overview of the S(L)J:

“Sue has been instrumental in supporting me with the Holistic Leadership journey over the past year – thereby helping to clear the blocks which were limiting my potential as a leader (a process which continues).  The support and attention has been nothing short of life-changing and life-enhancing for me.”

Jo Edwardes – Founder and CEO, Good Connection

Group Facilitation

We support leadership formation with groups, communities and organisations.  We recognise the significance of personal spiritual development and how it is integral to wellbeing, and to genuine and authentic leadership.  However, we are also very aware of the complexity this area presents, and the difficulties that stem from the diverse range of meanings and associations that people connect to the word ‘spirituality’.  Despite the difficulties, we have worked over a number of years to explore approaches that can most helpfully engage people in conversations of meaning and purpose.  Using the Holistic Development Model, we create a rich forum for shared learning experiences, where we act as a catalytic host – inviting the emergence of inspiration and insight into a room.  Our events can and do lead to pivotal moments of understanding, excitement and energy for change.

We are offering to facilitate a space for creating shared meaning.  Our work is guided by the philosophy and methodology of action research and action learning – that is a participatory process concerned with emergent inquiry aimed at developing ‘practical knowing’ in the pursuit of worthwhile human purposes. We will:

  • Create time and space for creative reflection.  
  • Enable leaders to listen for meaning – and identify shared spiritual values
  • Provide resources, materials and practical exercises that will open up new insights
  • Encourage critical thinking and enable constructive learning
  • Position learning within the leadership context, encourage connection to and alignment with spiritual purpose, and encourage application within the particular work environment.

“You handled a complex situation yesterday, with people who don't know each other that well, with great tact and sensitivity, but getting action outcomes from us as well, which has sometimes been difficult to do. I was really pleased you would be doing the facilitation, and you met all my hopes. I do hope we can involve you in the future.”

Professor Peter Gilbert, National Spirituality & Mental Health Forum, Trustee and Board Away Day


A Resource Hub


Use this website as your first port of call to link to what’s available – use our resources freely.

Who are we?


The founder of Holistic Leadership is Dr Sue Howard.  Sue is a pioneer in the field of Spirit at Work.  She co-authored ‘The Spirit at Work Phenomenon’ and has a number of other publications including ‘The Inner Life of a Christian Leader’, and the ‘Spirit at Work’ topic within People Alchemy’s e-learning website

After working in the tailored management development unit at Cranfield University School of Management, Sue went on to work as the Management Development Manager for World Vision UK. She also supported a Leadership Development

programme for West African Managers at this time.  Sue completed her PhD in 2017 at the University of Winchester.  Her research explores Leadership and Spirituality directly and has led to the development of a unique Spiritual Mentoring approach specifically for leaders.    Sue works with a variety of Associates and was formerly Director of Consultancy for Workplace Matters