The Model

The Holistic Development Model stems from PhD research into career and life transitions.  It has been amended over time and is also now known as the Map of Meaning.  See for details.

We work with the model from a Christian perspective to reflect on the centre, Inspiration and Spirituality, which is clearly of prime importance  – What gives our life meaning?  What is the foundation or source of our inspiration and motivation?  What are our spiritual values?  What is our experience of faith and God?  How does our spiritual understanding inform our leadership purpose?

By exploring what the centre of model means to us, we can then explore how this impacts various aspects of our life:

Who we are?  Understanding ourselves is a focal point for development of character and integrity.  Through self-examination we can structure ways to ensure personal growth and resilience in the inner life.

How do I?  Our passion, calling and place in the world, the use of our talents, skills, capabilities.  How are our creative energies released to help meet everyday challenges?

Who for?  Service and social justice issues.  Are we working to create a sustainable world?  What is our contribution and legacy?

Who with?  Sense of belonging in community, and ability to build trusting relationships. Are we connected with others?

The model helps us to see the everyday tensions we all encounter, the demands and pulls which are an inevitable part of life – Being and Doing, Self and Others, Inspiration and Reality.  We can then inquire into the impact of these areas at both the individual and the organisational levels.  Individually, the model reveals many of the ‘lenses’ through which leadership can be explored and supports genuine transformation. Organisationally it investigates the range of stakeholders, explores the emergence of conscious capitalism and addresses corporate social responsibility.

We have many resources available to support a tailored journey around the model.  Our Spiritual Mentoring approach is particularly helpful for those with leadership responsibility.

We list here a few reference points for work we draw on and that informs our approach (this list in not exhaustive by any means!).